TALHA FABRICS LIMITED considers sustainability as an important edifice of its ethics. It gives special importance to all its sustainability activities. It values environmental protection and conservation, and realizes that only by being responsible to nature can we truly be responsible to the people and planet. TALHA FABRICS LIMITED has one of the best, dedicated and skilled workforces in the country.

Talha Fabrics Ltd. endeavors in improving the lives of the workers include:

Competitive wages
Women Empowerment (80% of our garments workforce is female)
Maternity leaves
Day care center for infants
Medical Facility
Life Insurance
Living accommodations for plant workers
Hygienic dining facility for all employees
Timely salary disbursement through ATM cards to all employees
Training Center for human development
HIV Awareness Training
Fair Price Shop
No Child Labor
Motivation factor – Loan, Advance Payment, Performance Bonus, Attendance Bonus, Both Piece Pay, wages for workers.
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